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2023 - Retractable ceiling fan

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The new upgrade, high airflow PC material balance three fan blades, not easy to crack, no matter toughness or stability are greatly upgraded, the airflow range is also more stable.

The positive and negative blades can also rotate. In summer, the air is transferred to cool and the indoor air is cooler. In winter, the circulation of air is reversed to keep the air flowing.

In summer, when the weather is not particularly hot, fan lights can replace air conditioning, in the room with air conditioning can assist the air conditioner, increase the circulation of air conditioning, energy saving and environmental protection away from air conditioning disease. Fan lights are needed more in winter, when the room is sealed against air circulation. The installation of fan lights has become the first choice, not occupying the location and convenient.

Fan lights can not only bring us a refreshing experience, it is also a lighting product. It is suggested that in the selection of products, we should pay attention to the color rendering of the light source besides the function of blowing air. We should choose the food with high color rendering and high color rendering light irradiation, which looks appetizing and makes the meal more fragrant!