NIRG and DBD technology
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NIRG and DBD technology

Every second, every minute, the first vane-type DBD in the world can motivate hundreds of millions of positive and negative ions to the air, which is far ahead of the same technology in the world.


The (NIRG) Nonequilibrium Ionic repl generator was borne in China as the first vane generator in the world, depending on Dielectric Barrier Discharge technology(DBD). It can diverse millions of positive and negative ions that helps improving air quality by resolving the  formaldehyde and TVOC and removing the PM2.5.

Our business ideas is to produce low noise, low energy consumption, high quality
and high customer experience ventilation equipment

Our Mission

With automatic purifying function, the technology has striking features such as comprehensive and continuous purification, rapid returns, little consumption, low power consumption, no secondarypollution. It reflects in the trend of the technology of the air purifying and also has broad application prospect.
 Become the Responsible Energy Major
 Protecting people
 Responding to Environmental Challenges
 Helping to foster shared development
 Being a responsible employer
 Orient on Better Results
 Make Shares and Dividends
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