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A sense of ceremony on China's National Day

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(1) Hang the national flag and red lanterns

Every National Day festival in China, enterprises and institutions will hang lanterns or banners, with the slogan of "celebrate the National Day" to celebrate the National Day; The square is placed on the slogan words bonsai and balloons, with a happy atmosphere to meet the National Day.

(2)National Day Parade

Since the founding of China's National Day, there have been 14 National Day parades. In addition to the 1949 National Day parade, I was most impressed by the three National Day parades in 1984, 1999 and 2009. Through the National Day parade, we can not only celebrate the National Day, enhance our country's prestige, but also show the world our strong national defense force. Made the nation feel a strong sense of pride.

(3)Tian 'anmen flag-raising ceremony

Every National Day, go to Tian 'anmen Square to see the national flag is the dream of countless people.  Therefore, the use of the National Day holiday to visit people in Beijing, usually early to Tiananmen Square to see the national flag of the soldiers raising the flag, to express the love of the motherland, watching the five-star red flag slowly rising, the heart of excitement beyond words.

(4)National Day Party

Before and after the National Day, all enterprises and institutions in order to celebrate the National Day, promote corporate culture, will organize employees to carry out the National Day party, in the form of artistic performances to express the joy of the National Day.