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Common sense of fan lighting maintenance

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A lot of users will issue such a question, my home fan light did not use a few times why not light up? Or we are in the field, occasionally back home to find that your favorite fan light how not turn, this is why? In fact, it is possible that your fan light is not maintained and it is damaged.

Fan light maintenance common sense to know, so that you can extend the life of the fan lamp!


First: it is best to turn on the light for two or three hours a day, because there is moisture in the air, turning on the light will help to evaporate the moisture in the light fixture patch and prolong the service life of the light fixture.

Second: Please check the circuit, whether there will be weak light when the lamp is installed? If there is, or after the switch is installed, the neutral and live wires may be reversed, which will damage the lamp for a long time.

Third: try not to switch on and off frequently when using lamps.

When the lamp is frequently started, the current through the (patch) is greater than the current during normal operation, which causes the (patch) temperature to rise sharply, which will greatly reduce its service life, so do not switch on and off frequently.

Fourth: It is best not to clean the lamp with water, just wipe it with a dry cloth and water. If you accidentally touch the water, try to dry it as much as possible. Do not wipe it with a wet cloth immediately after turning on the lamp.

Fifth: Do not change the structure of the lamp during cleaning and maintenance, and do not change the parts of the lamp at will. After the maintenance, the lamp should be installed as it is, and do not miss or wrongly install the lamp parts.