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Decorative fan lighting

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Installation stability

Ceiling fan lamp is the way of ceiling + downrod installation, in the process of operation in addition to wobble, but also produce some noise, and Airbena ceiling fan lamp is installed using the installation method is the cross structure installation method, not only convenient installation, but also more stable and safe, there will be no shaking and noise problems.

It's easy if you don't pick the height

Of course, not only in terms of safety performance, the ceiling fan lamp also greatly saves the height of the house. The fuselage of the ceiling fan lamp is as thin as 15m, which greatly saves the height problem. Compared with the ceiling fan lamp, the hanger rod plus lamps will make the whole space look more depressed.

The biggest advantage of fan lamp is that it can not only be used as a lamp, but also a fan. It can not only illuminate but also blow the wind. The structure of suspension installation optimizes the Angle of the wind, and the wind is more natural and delicate than ordinary floor fans.

Is a DC inverter motor fan, the frequency conversion fan as the power system, this system is widely used in air conditioning products, and the application on the fan or a "beacon", compared with more powerful, and can realize automatic air, more intelligent and more humanized, and ordinary low-end ac fan, can only achieve 3-5 gear wind Settings; The all-metal base chassis is more stable and quiet during operation, and is installed in the bedroom without affecting sleep.

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