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Do folding fan lights wobble?

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Folding fan light because of its simplicity, small space, is loved by many people, but some small partners will feedback invisible fan light in the use of the problem of shaking, in fact, there is a lot of relationship when this installation, improper installation, will make invisible fan light there is a risk of shaking, how to avoid it?


Folding fan lights have undergone strict dynamic balance adjustment before appearing, but after multiple logistics transportation, damage to its original balance is common.

1. Please ensure again that the groove of the lob and the convex point of the hanger are stuck, or the shaking is inevitable.

2. Please exert even force on the 2 screws at the connection between the derrick and the motor. Do not twist one tightly and the other loosely.

If all the details have been paid attention to, the fan is still shaking very badly, then you need to use the balance sheet to adjust.

3. easily find black plate position between any two blades as a balance sheet (please note that is attached to the free rotation of the motor plate rather than other fixed on the plate above), and then open the fan see fan lamp shake amplitude is more enough, if the increase amplitude, should remove the balance sheet to its diagonal relative position; If this does not work, move to the middle of the next two blades and attach a balance sheet. Repeat until you find a position that reduces the wobble.

4. Then all you need to do is fine tune, that is, increase or decrease the amount of balance sheet used, until you find a moderate amount so that the fan does not shake a lot.

Through the above operation of your home fan light is not shaking it? If there is still shaking, please contact professional on-site installation and maintenance.