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Do you know anything about fan oscillators?

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Dynamic balancing machine is to measure the product of the fan blade unbalance size and position of the machine. When the fan blade rotates around its axis, the centrifugal force is generated due to the uneven distribution of mass relative to the axis. The unbalanced centrifugal force on the blade bearing will cause vibration, noise and accelerate bearing wear, so that it seriously affects the performance and life of the product, so the use of dynamic balancing machine for product quality testing.

The existing blade dynamic balancing machine is the use of supporting electric motor to drive the blade, the speed of the blade depends on changing the voltage of the power supply to carry out the corresponding control and adjustment, the speed through the optical fiber detection instrument to detect the surface of the blade star point to reflect the unbalance, unbalance through the mechanical structure is converted into vibration, acceleration sensor will this vibration amount into voltage signal, After adjusting and amplifying, the signal is collected by the computer and processed to calculate the unbalance and Angle of the blade. The existing system has the following disadvantages:

Different types of fan blades must be installed with different matching stator motors, replacement time-consuming trouble, increase production costs; 2. The unbalance of stator motor itself will affect the unbalance of the fan blade, increase the error and reduce the quality; 3. The voltage output of the power supply needs to be manually adjusted to reach the speed required by the test, which is low efficiency. Some fan blades do not have starlight points or the polishing degree of starlight points is not enough, so the speed can be detected by photosensitive paper, which affects the production efficiency. 4. The structure of the existing blade dynamic balancing machine is unstable. With the increase of the test amount, the error will continue to accumulate, which affects the test accuracy of the blade dynamic balance.