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Handling method of ceiling fan wobbling

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Your ceiling fan may sometimes have wobble problem when operate due to irregularity in blades or the blade holders.Also, improper assembly in the mounting system may cause some additional problem.also bearings crooked. The following procedure to remedy such problem is strongly recommended by us usfrom our past experience in handling the wobble problem: DYNAMIC BLADE BALANCING KIT FOR CEILING FANS.

1.Make certain that all blades are firmly screwed into the blade holder.

2.Make sure that all blades are firmly secured to the flywheel and check pitch of blade holders,all must be the same.

3.By looking up at the fan from below,check and be certain that none of the blade holders are bent so that none of the blades are out of position A correction can' be made by very gently bending the blade holder back into position.

4.By the simple use of a household yardstick blade tracking can be checked. put theyardstick up against the ceiling vertically and even with the outside leading edge of a blade. Note the distance of the edge of the blade to the ceiling, carefully turn the blades slowly by hand to check the remaining blades. If blade is not in alignment, the blade holder may be gently bent up or down to be in line with the other blades.

If by following all the steps and the wobble problem is not sloved. a dynamic balancing needs to be done by the use of the balancing Kit. Follow the procedurelisted below:


• Turn the fan on and adjust the speed control(usually high speed) setting to the speed which creates the grcatest wobble.
• Turn the fan off.Select one blade and place the balance clip on it. halfway between the blade holder and the blade tip on the rear edge of the blade.

• Move the clip back to the blade which showed the most improvement. move the clip inward and outward on this blade and operate the fan to find the position where the clip gives the most improvement.

• Next remove the clip and install a balancing weight. to the top of the blade along the centerline near the point where the clip was positi oned Use a sharp knife or razor to sepcrate the weights.


Caution:Stay clear of the blades. If the clip.for any reason, is not secure, injury could result Dangerous!