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How To Clean The Fume On The Ceiling Fan

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Ceiling fan cloth cleaning fan blades

The cleaning of the ceiling fan is purely a "face" operation. The customer can wash the fan blade by himself, and the men at home can operate it.

Since the motors of the ceiling fans are all turned off, customers cannot disassemble it themselves.

In addition, special attention should be paid to the ceiling fan, and whether there is a fire phenomenon when turning several gears of the regulator by hand.

If there is such a phenomenon, it means that the controller needs to be replaced, and generally it cannot be repaired, and only relevant personnel can be found to replace it.

Use special cleaners

Generally speaking, the oil stains on the fan blades are acidic, so you should choose an alkaline cleaner for cleaning, so that the oil stains on the ventilation fan will be easy to clean.

The advantages of the cleaning agent are: it quickly dissolves soot, oil stains, oil and dirt attached to the fan, is non-corrosive, environmentally friendly, and has no harm to the human body. The cleaned exhaust fan can be used directly without obvious impact on the surrounding environment.

Tools to use with fan cleaners: Use soap, baking soda, vinegar (or citric acid), a cleaning sponge or an old toothbrush.

In fact, as long as we find a way to clean the oil fan blades, it will not be a difficult job for all of us.