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How To Identify The Air Volume of The Ceiling Fan Light?

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The air volume of the fan light depends on the motor size of the ceiling fan light, the angle of the blade frame, the angle of the blade and the working environment. First, let us understand the factors that affect air volume, the angle of the blade frame, and the angle of the blade.

As a fan lamp manufacturer, these two factors should not be worried too much, because the manufacturer will set the best data. The ceiling fan has been designed to be installed in accordance with the original accessories of the ceiling fan before mass production and in the use environment. Do not let the blades be too close to the ceiling or install them in a small space, which has little effect on the air. The most important factor affecting air volume is the electric motor. The motors are 145 motors,153 motors, 160 motors.

Generally speaking, 42-inch ceiling fans will only use 153 motors, and 172 will be less used. If ceiling fans are greater than or equal to 52 inches, the manufacturer will directly use 160 motors. Therefore, if you want to buy a ceiling fan with a large air volume, it is recommended to choose a 188 motor ceiling fan. The 42-inch fan, if the quality of the motor is better, can be used in a restaurant of 6-10 square meters and a small room of about 10 square meters, and the fan is completely sufficient.

By the way, here is the relationship between speed and air volume. Some friends may ask why the 42-inch ceiling fan has a 153 motor, but the speed can reach 230, while some 52-inch ceiling fans are also 153 motors, and the speed is only about 200. Does the 42-inch fan have more air than the 52-inch fan? It should be noted here that the rotation speed is a very intuitive air volume for ceiling fan light, but ceiling fans of different sizes cannot be compared together.

Of course, the same motor and the same load will run at a slower speed. (The 52-inch blade is longer than the 42-inch blade, and of course heavier). Therefore, how much space and how many fans are exquisite in order to better let the fans emit the maximum air volume to achieve the best effect.