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How do we choose the blade material

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The fan blade is an important part of the ceiling fan lamp. The life of a good fan can reach ten or eight years, while the quality of the poor fan may be used for three or five years, which will affect the use effect, and what's more, it may bury a hidden danger to the safety. Although the width and Angle of the blade design, we do not know; But we can also choose a safe and practical blade by the material of the blade.

From the single material point of view, the mainstream fan blades on the market are: aluminum fan blades, iron fan blades, ABS fan blades, solidwood fan blades and plywood fan blades.

Let's analyze the characteristics of these blades one by one.

Aluminum fan blade
Compared with the iron fan blade, the weight of the aluminum fan blade is relatively light, under the same power, the speed of the aluminum fan blade is higher than that of the iron fan blade, which is what we call the air volume "big" a little. In addition, because the blades are exposed to air for so long, a dense film of alumina forms on the surface of the aluminum, preventing further corrosion by oxygen. Therefore, it can ensure the strength of aluminum blade in a long period of time, so as to avoid deformation. And it maintains the color of the blades so well that they look "new."

Iron fan blade
Iron blades not only rotate at a lower speed than aluminum blades, but also make much more noise. Because the iron fan blade is easy to rust, so it is necessary to regularly spray anti-rust oil, high maintenance cost, but also more trouble. However, before the popularity of aluminum leaf, iron leaf with its own mature technology and low price also once occupied the mainstream position of the fan army. Nowadays, with more and more leaf materials to choose from, it is difficult for iron leaf to regain its former glory. With the exception of a few special requirements, iron fan blades are gradually fading out of the home chandelier fan scene.

ABS fan blade

Plastic blades compared with other material of blade is fairly, is also an ideal blade material. In both the floor fan, wall fan and ceiling fans, can often see it. The weight of the plastic fan blade is relatively light, so the load of the motor is relatively low, so it can also have a good speed performance in the case of low energy consumption. In addition, by using the water transfer process, you can easily copy your favorite texture onto the plastic fan blade. Solid wood fan blade care is more trouble than plastic fan blade, and for like solid wood texture, and too lazy to take care of friends, log wind plastic fan leaf is the most appropriate choice.

Solidwood fan blade

Solid wood fan blade is one of the most original fan blade, is the perfect combination of nature and modern. Natural wood scent, light texture, patchwork texture. But when cleaning the blades, you need to pay more attention. Wipe only with dry cloth, do not use wet cloth, otherwise easy to be damp, deformation. Encounter stubborn stains, can be appropriate to add a little alcohol to wipe. The most important thing is to do pest control.

Plywood fan blade

Compared to other materials, the sandwich fan blade is really inferior. Because the splint can not be bent, under the premise of other factors unchanged, the air volume is lower than the above blade. It's best to check the fan blades for signs of loosening every once in a while. Do not regularly take care of the words, but also easy to mold, breeding bacteria. The only advantage is that it's cheap.