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How to choose ceiling fan lights better? I have a trick up my sleeve

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Ceiling Fan Lamp How to Choose and Buy?

1. Functional practicability

Whether to take the lights and the number of lights depends on whether to lighting needs, even if not lighting with the lights or more beautiful, speed control generally with bead chain hand pull, such as feel inconvenient can be installed a remote control or wall control, some remote control and sleep timing function is very suitable for the night.

2. Motor form

Divide the cover pole type and capacitor type two, capacitor type motor is more common, has the characteristics of big starting torque and power saving, but the cost is slightly higher.

But from the long-term interests of consideration, to choose capacitive motor is better.

3. Control mode

At present, there are five speed keys, five speed toggle speed regulation, stepless electronic speed regulation, remote control speed regulation and other types of control, depending on the economic conditions and use of each person to choose.

4. Power consumption

Usually, the power consumption of ceiling fans is marked on the motor nameplate with the total input power, which can be compared and selected. The total input power indicated is the maximum power consumption that can be achieved when the ceiling fan is in normal operation.

Under normal circumstances, the power consumption will not exceed this value.

5. Actual running performance

First of all, turn the fan head by hand, and listen carefully to the sound of the fan head running, light and uniform as well, and then connect the line to install the fan blade, electrification operation.

Finally, the governor in turn to other files to run, observe whether the speed effect is obvious.

6. style selection

Decorate basically is to see what kind of style and color do you like yourself, the other should be suitable for decorate a style, according to the average family environment the dominant color of choose the colors don't ceiling fans, of course now popular disorder collocation can also try maybe also have unexpected effect, on the general optional elegant atmosphere of the sitting room type, children's bedroom is optional to poach,

Ladies room can choose rich sense of color, leaf fan, bamboo fan suitable for pastoral style decoration.

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