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How to spend a cool and comfortable summer

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The weather is getting hot, summer is coming, I heard its footsteps, the rotten sun shines on our sweat straight, the hot wind blowing on our body uncomfortable.

If have a ceiling fan lamp at this time, bring a cool and bright space for you.

1. What is decorative ceiling fan and ceiling fan lamp

Decorative ceiling fan is commonly known as ceiling fan lamp, it is the perfect union of lamp and ceiling fan, the adornment that has lamp already, the practicability that has fan again, classical and modern are perfectly reflected, it is interior decoration first choice actually.

Some adornment ceiling fan also does not take a lamp, just because its modelling and color have better adornment effect.

DC ceiling fan decorative

2. what advantage does adornment ceiling fan lamp have


Since twenty years ago Taiwan production ceiling fans crazy has thousands of styles on the market sales, from single color to the colorful, style is a common type of cas, Victoria style, unique style of Italian and European classical style, with luxury and magnificent as characteristic style of ancient Rome, the mystery of the ancient Greek amorous feelings, contemporary and contracted and easy style, etc.,Designers from all over the world display various artistic styles incisively and vividly in ceiling fans to show the artistic culture of their countries.


Energy conservation as global warming and trend of environmental protection and energy saving, air-conditioning the power-hungry appliances increasingly restricted use, a air conditioner is equivalent to 20 ceiling fan power consumption, when the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees with fan is completely can reach the effect of temperature and thermal displacement, and in all the fan (desk fan, stand fan, ceiling fans, etc.) only the ceiling fan under the same power generated by the air volume is the largest,(Air volume is the product of wind speed and area equal to the flow of water), so many countries recommend the use of ceiling fans such energy-saving home appliances.And found that the use of ceiling fans with air conditioning can reduce the load of air conditioning, but also do not produce indoor temperature difference is not easy to make people cold, comfort is quite good.

Decorative ceiling fans are mostly made of high quality silicon steel motor, the electromagnetic effect is better, and low and medium speed is adjusted by capacitor speed than without capacitor speed more energy saving, a number of energy saving technology makes this kind of ceiling fans with excellent energy saving effect.

Decorative ceiling fans can be used in winter and summer. They also have positive and negative switches.

In summer, set as positive, the fan blade is rotating, the wind feeling is gentle and cool;

In the room with air conditioning can assist air conditioning, increase the flow of cold air, both reduce electricity consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, and can prevent air conditioning syndrome.

In winter, set as the reverse, fan blade reversal, can put the indoor rising hot air downward pressure, indoor people can not feel the wind, but it increases the air circulation, in the room with a heater, more can increase the convection rate of warm air, so that the indoor hot air uniform warm as spring.

Quiet, safety as a result of decorative ceiling fan most use high quality silicon steel sheet made of the motor so the noise generated by the motor is much smaller than the ordinary ceiling fan quieter, in addition are used wooden blades so also safer.