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How to troubleshoot ceiling fans?

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DC ceiling fan decorativeGeneral ceiling fan failure has the following several situations, see your ceiling fan has encountered, hope to help you.


-Make sure that all the screws securing the blades are securely fastened.
-Make sure that all the blades are securely fastened.
-If you have installed more than one fan Make sure their distance is not less than 2 meters.
-If the blades are damaged,call up the service center for a replacement but there will be charges incurred if found not due to manufacturing fault. 


-Check all the mounting, if loose,tighten.

3.Jerks upon star up

-This is normal as it is powered by a 3 phase brushless DC motor. It won't affect the performance.

4.No Airflow

-Make sure that it is not in "reverse function" mode.

5.Fan not functioning

-Make sure that all the wires are securely connected.
-When the voltage drops below 140V or exceeds above 270V for more than 5 seconds,the motor will cut off automatically.When the voltage is back to normal,it will turn on automatically. 

6.During High Speed, the fan turning fast and then slow

-This is normal as the motor is not only protected by a Voltage regulator, it is also protected by an additional thermal sensor where it will limit the motor temperature from rising to no more than 75℃. It is to increase the life span of the motor.