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How to use a fan light in winter?

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How much is the indoor temperature suitable in winter?

The national standard indoor heating temperature is 18°C.

★ The most comfortable heating temperature is 23°C.

Winter heating temperature should not be too high:

When the indoor temperature is higher than 23℃, the air will be abnormally dry. The hot environment will hurt the body fluid and qi of people, making people feel hot and dry, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, throat, skin and other dry discomfort.

If the indoor temperature is too high for a long time, it will affect the body temperature regulation function, resulting in increased body temperature, rapid pulse and heart rate, and people will be tired, dizzy, slow thinking and poor memory.

Winter heating temperature should not be too low:


Room temperature adjusts with temperature:

When the outdoor temperature decreases, the indoor temperature should also be lowered, because the greater the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, the more harmful to the health of the body. People in sudden cold sudden heat, will stimulate respiratory mucosa, easy to catch cold. For the elderly, people suffering from high blood pressure, indoor temperature is too high, vasodilation, suddenly to the outdoor encounter cold stimulation, blood vessels will suddenly shrink, brain blood circulation disorders, it is easy to induce stroke.

Room temperature varies from person to person:

Young people have good metabolism, strong self-regulation ability, and low temperature is more appropriate. The physiological function of the elderly is decreased, the vascular elasticity is poor, the metabolic level is low, and the temperature is high. Infants and toddlers have tender bodies, low temperature regulation ability, and need to pay attention to keeping warm, but infants and toddlers have vigorous metabolism and can not be overheated.

In winter, the fan lamp is set as the reverse, the fan leaf is reversed, the indoor rising heat can be pressed down, indoor people can not feel the wind, but it increases the air circulation, in the room with a heater, more can increase the convection rate of warm air, so that the indoor heat evenly warm like spring.