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IP44 Outdoor Fan

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What is outdoor waterproof fan?

Do you still use your indoor fan as an outdoor fan?  Many families use indoor fans as outdoor fans, but it is not correct.  Indoor fans are not specially processed, so they are vulnerable to evaporation of moisture in the outdoor air, leading to rust of metal parts.  Moreover, it greatly affects the performance of ceiling fans and shortens their service life.


AirBena provides you with professional outdoor ceiling fans. The metal parts are treated with electroplating, which can not only prevent rust and corrosion, but also cope with the strong exposure of the sun.  

The outer layer of the fan is coated with anti-uv paint, which will not cause the fan to lose the paint, whether it is rainy or sunny.  

We also added leak-proof gaskets at key joints to prevent rainwater from entering the ceiling fan.

IP44 outdoor ceiling fan

outdoor ceiling fan