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Our business ideas is to produce low noise, low energy consumption, high qualityand high customer experience 
ventilation equipment.

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Modern Minimalist Bedroom Dining LED Ceiling Light Ceiling Fans

Intelligent Timing – You can keep the timed switch-off of 1/2/4 hours. The fan chandelier takes on a new LED energy-saving light source, the energy that can save more than 80%.
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  • BFL14-D3109

  • Airbena

  • ABS

Product Description

Larger sizes have more wind,smart wind and 5 wind speed are optional:1,2 speed soft,suitable for rest and sleep;3,4 speed comfortable,keep your environment cool;5 speed strong,decrease body temperature rapidly.

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Energy efficient, ultra-quiet, six-speed and reversible DC motor with new reliable technology.

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This mechanical and aesthetic masterpiece puts out a powerful airflow and is perfect for any contemporary space. Featuring a low consumption DC motor and 6 speed remote control with reverse.

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