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New Environmentally Friendly Fan Blade- Bamboo

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What are the benefits of using bamboo sheets at home? 


With the popularity and wide use of bamboo furniture, such as bamboo shoe racks, bamboo tables and chairs, bamboo bookcases, bamboo racks, bamboo shoes, stools and other high-quality, low-priced products, it has won the favor of consumers and gradually purchased bamboo board materials Attract people's attention.

Bamboo board is a high-quality furniture board, comparable to precious solid wood, with more uniform material and superior physical and mechanical properties. Why did you say that? Since the bamboo board is dried in small pieces and the solid board is dried as a whole, the water treatment of the bamboo board is more uniform and the shrinkage is smaller than that of the wood board. Bamboo is one of the hardness of all plants in the world. Furniture products made of bamboo boards are more waterproof and crack-resistant than solid boards. Bamboo sheets are aligned with straight fibers and are not easily deformed. The arrangement of wood fibers is complex and easily twisted and deformed. The pattern of the wooden board is different from the straight grain, and it is difficult to achieve a good overall visual effect, while the bamboo board has no shortcomings in this regard.

Advantages of bamboo sheet for making furniture

1. The color difference of furniture made of bamboo board is smaller than that of solid board. The growth radius of bamboo is much smaller than that of trees, which is not seriously affected by sunlight, and there is no obvious difference between yin and yang. Therefore, the bamboo boards processed from fresh bamboo have rich bamboo patterns and symmetrical colors.

2. Bamboo is more environmentally friendly than wood. Bamboo grows only one-tenth of wood. It has sustainable regeneration characteristics after felling, which is more in line with the low-carbon concept in the modern economy.

3. Bamboo board has better stability and moisture resistance than solid board. Bamboo is a coarse fiber plant with high density and little expansion space. Therefore, the bamboo board has good stability, moisture resistance and not easy to deform. Can also be used in relatively humid places.

4. Bamboo boards are more comfortable and healthier than solid boards: Bamboo boards can automatically adjust the humidity and moisture resistance in the home environment, have low thermal conductivity, and have the characteristics of being warm in winter and cool in summer, which is impossible compared to solid boards. Bamboo has the function of absorbing ultraviolet rays, which makes people's eyes feel comfortable when living indoors. The bamboo board is beautiful and durable: the bamboo pattern is clear, the board surface is beautiful, the color is natural, the bamboo fragrance is pleasant, and the texture is elegant and elegant. Bamboo does not accumulate dust, does not condense, is easy to clean, avoids the reproduction of mites, and avoids the interference of insects and moths. Then, judge from the nature of solid wood. Most solid wood has wood fragrance, pine has turpentine smell, camphor has obvious camphor smell, but fiberboard and MDF will have a strong pungent smell, especially in cabinet doors or drawers. Observe the strengths and weaknesses of wood. The main stress parts of the furniture, such as the upright column and the ground bearing rod near the connecting column, should have no large seam scars or cracks and cracks. The frame cannot be loosened, the tenon cannot be broken, and the material cannot be broken. Sometimes some so-called solid wood furniture is not well sealed, it is easy to reveal the true nature of the raw material, and it can also be seen whether it is solid wood raw material.


Ceiling fan balde in addition to the common ABS, plywood, Solidwood. 2022 launched a new special material blade- bamboo.  

Here are the benefits of bamboo blade:

a.The natural bamboo pattern makes you feel as if you are in the bamboo forest and feel the gift of nature.  

b.The material is light, lighter than ABS fan blade weight, high wind speed, large air volume.

c.Plywood than the material is more rigid, not affected by wet weather.