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Remote Control Smart Wooden Modern Ceiling Fan With Light

Airbena 52 Inch Hot Sale Model Indoor 6 Speed Ceiling Fan

Quality oriented is the first philosophy of Smart Platform that we had adapted Japanese brand machine in motor production line up, plus with the dust free designed workshop for high end air cleaning products. Applied with ISO9001 system and certified with CB/CE/SAA/ERP/EMC/ROHS, Smart Platform employed one of the most strict QC system in the industry.
  • CFL52-D4039


  • 52INCH

Product Description

Remote Control Smart Wooden Modern Ceiling Fan With Light

A ceiling fan remote control uses a wireless signal to communicate with the receiver installed inside your fan. When the signal reaches the receiver, it triggers a relay inside your fan that sends the current to the motor. The amount of current that the receiver sends to your fan can adjust how fast or slow it turns.

When shopping for an outdoor waterproof fan, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. First, determine the size of the fan you need. Smaller fans are better for smaller spaces, while larger models work best for large areas.

The receiver on your ceiling fan remote is a special device that accepts signals from the remote and interprets them to control the motor or light. Once the signal is correctly interpreted, the receiver will adjust the current flowing to the fan or lamp to yield the desired result.

ceiling fan remote

ceiling fan remote

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