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So energy-saving ceiling fan, how to choose?

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So energy-saving ceiling fan klamp, how to choose?

Airbena fan lamp frequency conversion technology positive and negative double rotation, four seasons applicable. In summer, the fan blows downward, and the wind speed is adjustable in 6 gear, which can save energy and electricity with air conditioning. In humid summer weather, it can be reversed with one button, and there is no wind feeling, and the wind can be pumped out and the humidity can be removed. In winter, the fan can also be used in one gear to six gear to simulate natural wind. Comfortable wind sense, free to enjoy.

Infinite intelligent remote control, remote control, 3 speed regulation, 4 timing, simple operation, anytime and anywhere to let you enjoy the fun of intelligent life. 3 Leaf fan blade dense cutting air, wind sense is delicate and soft, with air conditioning to balance the temperature, refuse air conditioning injury to the body, the inner core adopts a new generation of DC frequency conversion motor, upgraded "static" mode, noise reduction can be as low as 33.8dB, with you a good night's sleep.