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The air conditioner pales in comparison to the ceiling fan

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1. Functions of the fan indicator

Fan is more comfortable than air conditioning, not too hot, if you can blow the fan, in the living room, bedroom, table, is a more comfortable thing than air conditioning. Therefore, in addition to the hot summer season in every region, in fact, the comfort level of using fan lamps is far more than air conditioning and fans. These, in fact, have nothing to do with geography.

General fan lights also come with winter mode, very suitable for northern winter heating cities. The fan lights rotate in reverse, so you don't feel the wind, but they circulate the air and distribute the heat evenly throughout the house. In a positive turn, the air flows from the top down. In a reverse, the air flows from the bottom up. You don't feel the wind, but it circulates the air and distributes the heat evenly in the house. With this airflow, the former kind of place near the heating heat is large, slightly away from the cold situation will be significantly improved, if you point the air conditioning in winter, then open the fan (lamp), the effect will be more obvious. In fact, this technique works just as well when cooling in the summer. A little bit of air passes through the fan and the whole house cools faster.

Here are a few tips that might impress you: ▼

(1) There is no way to completely remove formaldehyde in the newly decorated house. It is a low-cost and efficient way to accelerate the indoor air flow with a fan and reduce the harm of formaldehyde to the human body.

(2) Plum rain or hot weather, fans can speed up the air flow, making the indoor air less stuffy.

(3) Open the dpexels-photo-3965515局部图oor when there are (guests) smoking, so that the smoke smell does not gather in the room, keep the indoor air fresh.