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The fan light is shaking, is it an installation problem or a quality problem

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Many consumers choose fan lights because of their high appearance and strong practicability, but there are also many friends who step on the minefield and start shaking after installation. Is this an installation issue or a fan light quality issue?


The reason why the fan light is shaking

Shaking of the fan light is a very common problem, and the main reason is that it has a lot to do with the installation. Of course, when the fan is running at high speed at the maximum speed, it is normal to have a slight shaking (when the motor is running at a high speed, the fan blades will rotate and generate wind resistance, so the lamp part will have a slight shaking, the principle of physical resonance).


If you judge whether the fan light is really shaking?

Observe the swing of a fan. According to the principle of the hanging ball suspension system, observe, judge and accept the farthest distance from the fan suspension, that is, the lower end of the fan (the invisible fan is the lampshade part).

When the fan rotates, if the fan swings, the lampshade swing is the most obvious. Placing the observation point on the turntable will create a visual illusion that the fan is shaking;

Therefore, when the fan rotates, the point where the fan swings should be observed should be placed on the hanger part. If the hanger does not shake significantly, it means that the fan swing is qualified.

One: Make sure that the groove of the lob is stuck with the bump of the hanger;

Two: The 2 screws at the connection between the boom and the motor should be evenly applied;


How to solve the problem of fan light shaking?

If the fan light is still shaking after all the details have been paid attention to, you need to use the balance sheet to adjust it.

Adjustment method: Find the position of the black motor disk between any two blades and paste a balance sheet (please note that it is attached to the motor disk that can rotate freely instead of other fixed disks), then turn on the fan and observe the fan light. If the shaking amplitude increases, you should remove the balance piece and change it to the opposite diagonal; A position that mitigates wobbles to achieve balance.

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