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Traditional fan, air conditioning or invisible fan light, which one do you choose?

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The structure of the traditional fan is basically three-leaf, because the number of blades is small, so it must be faster to have the air volume, and its work is straight wind blowing directly to the body to produce cool effect, but the speed is fast, the airflow is large, the noise is relatively large, blowing for a long time may make people feel sick.  In general, large energy consumption, noise, slow cooling, not enough energy saving, environmental protection and beautiful!

As we all know, in the room air conditioning, the air will become very dry, and closed space air circulation, easy to breed germs, infectious.  The air conditioning blowing is also linear concentration, air conditioning wind blowing directly to the body, it is easy to cause a cold discomfort, I believe that most people have encountered this situation.  The energy consumption of air conditioning is higher. According to the national energy consumption standard labeled by the household appliances industry, the energy consumption standard is 1-5, and the air conditioning is basically above level 3.

In recent years, the high-frequency fan lights, in addition to decoration and lighting, energy consumption, noise and cooling will be smaller, lower and faster than the traditional fans.  Fan lamp can produce circulation wind, summer use can make air conditioning dispersed down, winter use heating flow up, will make the human body more comfortable.  If SUMMER COOPERATES WITH AIR CONDITIONING TO USE, THE STRAIGHT LINE WIND THAT CAN MAKE AIR CONDITIONING BLOWS OUT DISPERSES FLOW TO EVERY CORNER IN THE BUILDING, CAN COOL 5-10 DEGREES THEREBY, ACHIEVE ENERGY SAVING EFFECT ALREADY, CAN MAKE A PERSON ENJOY COMFORTABLE LIFE AGAIN!  

High temperature hot, using Airbena fan lamp, three speed adjustable wind speed, natural wind, comfortable and sleepless;  Soft wind, soft with cool and refreshing;  Cooling air, large air volume fast air supply, circulation air supply, speed up indoor air circulation, different seasons, to meet different needs.  


Now you know what kind of fan light to choose!