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What is the reason of slow speed and maintenance method of ceiling fan

Views: 9     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-09-24      Origin: Site

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There are many kinds of fans on the market now. Ceiling fans are one of them. It is widely used in our life. However, ceiling fans can cause problems over time. It's like the rotation is slowing down. So what is the reason for the slow speed of ceiling fans and the maintenance method? Let's let Xiaobian lead you to solve this problem.

First, ceiling fan speed slow reason and maintenance method introduction  

1. If it's a brand new ceiling fan, then his governor is broken. It is recommended to replace a new governor or directly find a merchant to replace a ceiling fan.  

2. It may be that the lubricating oil on the bearing is not enough. The easiest way is to add a little oil. If the temperature of the motor is very high. That means there's a short circuit and the wire needs to be rewound. Listen to the sound of the bearing again, you can know whether the bearing is good. If broken, let professional personnel come to replace and repair in time.

3. It may be the voltage problem. For the sake of own safety and performance of ceiling fans, it is suggested to let professionals come to repair them.  

4. The fan blade may be out of order. Cut off the power first and check to see if the blades are damaged. Serious fan blade damage will affect the wind speed, we need to repair in time. If the damage is too severe, it is recommended to replace the new fan blade.

5. It may be that the electrical capacity is insufficient. The parts of the electric fan will age if it is used for a long time. The motor capacitance inside the ceiling fan is reduced, resulting in slower speeds. We can replace the motor with a new one. The capacity of the new motor can be appropriately slightly larger than the original. Of course, too large is not acceptable, otherwise the motor temperature will be too high, affecting the service life of the motor. This is to improve the synchronization rate of the motor power supply frequency is based on the speed.

The above are the reasons for the slow speed of ceiling fans and the solutions. All in all, ceiling fans can slow down for a variety of reasons. The first thing we need to do is check. What's the problem with finding him. Then according to the problem, take appropriate measures to repair. The replacement parts should be replaced as soon as possible, otherwise it will affect other parts and the service life of ceiling fans will become shorter.