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Where did the world's first ceiling fan come from?

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In the late 19th century, a rotating wooden barrel became a favorite of innovator Philip Mader. The barrel was attached to the ceiling and connected by a belt to a steam engine, whose power turned the barrel to create a cool breeze.

At first, Mader was just trying to deal with the heat he and other workers suffered while working in the textile factory. He thought for a long time, started with a simple idea, tried and improved it, and finally created a disruptive product: the ceiling fan.

This device can not only drive air circulation, but also reduce the indoor temperature, solving the problem of workers in summer. Mader realized that this innovation not only solved the problem of heat waves, but also had a positive impact on the quality of textiles.

Mader decided to install the new equipment in his own textile factory and began producing and selling ceiling fans. Soon, the product became so popular that it became a common decoration in homes and businesses.

Over time, ceiling fans have become more popular and have become a must-have household appliance for many people during the summer months. Today, ceiling fans have developed to a new level, with more advanced and high-tech versions, but still continue the original spirit and innovative spirit of Maide.