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Our business ideas is to produce low noise, low energy consumption, high qualityand high customer experience 
ventilation equipment.

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Wholesale Modern Remote Control Ceiling Fan Light

52 inch, indoor ceiling fan, DC inverter motor, 3 ABS wood blades black/wood grain color, CRS body matte black, with light remote control.
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  • IP44 CFL52-D3229


  • 52INCH

Product Description

pexels-andrea-davis-5417293Designed for pure air,enjoy life at a low decibel level,nose does not exceed 46 decibels,quiet soft wind,with you sleep peacefully.通用2               DC motor decorate ceiling fan,high efficiency DC frequency conversion brushless motor energy saving,electricity saving and stable air supply.通用6             Led light eye protection beads,light up your room,better light gathering performance,more stable light source,more uniform light color;restore natural light,faithful color,illuminate the world.通用4The use of international advanced technology, to create extreme quality.71a483c5cc6d5116d210cbd8ab3022c