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ceiling fan blade surface treatment

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When you select a ceiling fan, in addition to the common black or white color, you also have wood grain colored blades. General ceiling fan leaf wood grain color processing has three kinds: wooden printing, water transfer printing, heat transfer printing. Today we introduce manual paint in detail.

Wooden Printing
Wood grain paint, also known as wood grain art paint, is matched with colored primer, which can realistically imitate various effects, comparable with log furniture. It is a breakthrough in furniture paint technology, which makes it a reality for particleboard furniture to become log furniture, and can produce different wood grain effects with different styles according to different needs. It can create artistic effects and beauty that sticker wood grain furniture cannot achieve. Make the sticker wood grain furniture more, reflect higher value.


The characteristics of:

1, environmental protection, poison tasteless, waterproof and has good air permeability;

2. The decorative texture is strong, the three-dimensional decorative pattern is made freely, and it has strong aging resistance;

3, alkali anti-corrosion, water resistance to scrub, no peeling, no cracking, no fading, its excellent quality to ensure the use of more than ten years.

4, the construction quality is guaranteed, the coating and the base bonding effect is good, not easy to peel off, peeling.

Scope of application:

1, suitable for villas, hotels, offices, rural style real estate, noble residential areas.

2, suitable for indoor pastoral style decoration, etc. Principle of process

Imitation wood texture coating, non-flammable, with good adhesion and elasticity, base strength requirements are low, solid bond, not peeling, not falling off hurt. Through the coating and matching wood grain machine to create the texture of wood grain effect.

Example: The specific steps to make the imitation wood grain effect on the steel pipe are:

1. Anti-rust treatment of steel pipe. The basic requirements of wood grain paint for steel pipe are not too strict. Requirements, steel pipe for rust treatment, uneven places with atomic ash repair smooth.

2. Make imitation wood grain primer. Brush a wood primer over the surface of the steel pipe that you want to do the wood effect with a water-based wood primer.

3. Make a faux wood finish. In the case of the primer is completely dry, and then brush the wood grain finish, while brushing with a special imitation wood grain pull out the wood grain effect, the wood grain effect of the imitation wood grain paint is made by a special tool for the imitation wood grain.

4. Make a protective layer. Because the general effect of wood grain construction on the steel pipe is outdoor, special attention should be paid to the protection of the quality of a long time, to do a layer of protection treatment. Here is a dust-proof paint spray, so that the effect of imitation wood grain paint to do better, longer shelf life.

Construction technology of imitation wood grain paint

(1) Repairing gray is fixing nail eyes, which is a key part of finish varnish. With 801 glue (white latex or other water-based glue) + gypsum powder (fully cooked) + double fly powder + color powder, (color according to the decorative panel color to set) to the base color gray. (Note: Decorative panel wood grain has a base color, that is, the base color, and then in the base color above the table color, that is, its grain), and then according to the decorative panel surface color to adjust the table color gray, sometimes the grain has a variety of colors or color shades, modulation surface color gray, must be based on the grain color deployment of a variety of colors. Do water-based paint, putty color to be slightly darker than the color of the plate.

(2) Before large area filling, small area color test, color combination and large area repair, the standard 1.5 meters can not see the nail eye. When filling the ash should be slightly higher than the board surface, the smaller the point filling area, the better.

③ After the color ash is dry, polish the wood grain with 600# sandpaper. When sanding the board should not leave more than ash, after sanding, clean with brown brush.

01. Brush all over to clear the bottom

The primer should be prepared according to the proportion of the product instructions, and the primer should be fully stirred evenly. Stir gently in clockwise direction, not high speed or reverse agitation, so as not to destroy the reaction chain of the paint. Stir well and let it sit for 20 minutes before use to avoid whitening, foaming, pinholes and uneven luster. Unblended waterborne wood paint should be immediately sealed and placed in the material yard.

02. Brush all over to clear the bottom

Special brush with water-based paint should be painted along the wood grain from top to bottom, from inside to outside, from difficult to easy to paint. Brushing operation, generally use the method of straight grip, fingers do not exceed the tin, hand to grip, wrist to be flexible, when necessary, hand and body movement with. When dipping the paint, do not dip the bristles fully, dip the paint to 2/3 of the special brush, after dipping, to the paint bucket will be on both sides of the brush gently pat a few times, so that the paint caught the head of the bristles, to avoid the paint dripping when brushing. Start brushing should be as far as possible to make the paint brush vertical, brush with the abdomen of the bristles, after brushing paint brush marks, paint, with the front end of the bristles gently brush.