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ventilation equipment.
Plasma Ionic Ceiling Fan
Cooling and Purifying Together
Airbena original patent of air purification technology, DBD Hypothermic Bipolar Ionization has been applied to the ceiling fan. It generates millions of non-equilibrium plasmas. The formed air ionization produces clean and fresh air as in the natural forest.

Ceiling Light for Living Room


  • In 1976

    The German air Purification Company purchased Einstein's design manuscript on "Value-added potentiator (the initial prototype of air ionization equipment)" from the German Academy, which started the great process of replicating the natural air purification process.

  • In 2004

    At the request of the Chinese Ministry of Health, the German Ministry of Health has commissioned the Institute of Virology at Philipp University School of Medicine in Marburg, Germany, to inactivate the SARS virus.The results showed that the one-minute operation of the purification equipment completely inactivated the SARS virus.

  • In 2008

    The air purification and disinfection equipment carried by the German rescue team in the Wenchuan Earthquake was officially the VIROXX system produced by The German Company Biou.The VIROXX system can be used to sterilize the closed room for 10 minutes to meet the air hygiene requirements for surgical operation.

DBD Testing Report

Name Introduction Size Downloads Update Category Thumbnail Copy Link Download
Test Report Sulfuretted Hydrogen purification efficiency 67.6%.pdf 447KB 12 2021-04-21 download Copy Link Download
Test Report H3N2 purification efficiency 98.95%.pdf 422KB 7 2021-04-21 download Copy Link Download
Test Report Formaldehyde purification efficiency 88.8%.pdf 439KB 243 2021-04-21 download Copy Link Download
Test Report Escherichia coli 8099 purification efficiency 94.09%.pdf 503KB 8 2021-04-21 download Copy Link Download
Test Report Aspergillus niger purification efficiency 90.13%.pdf 484KB 11 2021-04-21 download Copy Link Download
Test Report Ammonia purification efficiency 75.20%.pdf 442KB 7 2021-04-21 download Copy Link Download
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