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Where did the world's first ceiling fan come from?

In the late 19th century, a rotating wooden barrel became a favorite of innovator Philip Mader. The barrel was attached to the ceiling and connected by a belt to a steam engine, whose power turned the barrel to create a cool breeze.At first, Mader was just trying to deal with the heat he and other w

2023 05-13
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Why is the airflow of fan particularly small

Ceiling fans have become the first choice for home decoration because of their practicality and beauty. Why is the airflow of some ceiling fans so small? You don't even feel the wind. Is that a ceiling fan problem? Well, maybe not.

2023 01-07
Ceiling Fans With Light and Remote Control

If you're looking for a ceiling fan for your home, you've come to the right place. Mid-range models are great for home decor, because they offer advanced features like reverse function and full-range light dimming. They also usually include integrated fluorescent lighting. The best choice for a ceil

2022 01-18
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