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How to troubleshoot ceiling fans?

General ceiling fan failure has the following several situations, see your ceiling fan has encountered, hope to help you.Wobbles Make sure

2021 11-17
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DC invertermotor

AirBena only do BLDC range.The belief in energy saving will be a long-lasting topic. Don’t cost the earth; we are doing what we can to protect our homes. Plus the BLDC fan entertains a better user experience, lower noise, higher airflow, and all remote control.

2022 08-12
Ceiling Fan BLDC Motor

What is BLDC Motor?Which is Brushless DC Motor. The birth of brushless direct current motor (Brushless Direct Current Motor, BLDCM) overcomes the congenital defects of brushed direct current motor and replaces mechanical commutator with electronic commutator. It also has the advantages of simple str

2021 09-30
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