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DC vs AC Ceiling Fans: Which One Is Best?

Advantages of DC Ceiling FansA DC, or direct current fan, uses a power source that is connected to a transformer. The transformer then converts the energy to direct current, or a one-way current. As a result, the quantity of power utilised is ultimately decreased. DC fans are becoming increasingly c

2022 10-15
How To Identify The Air Volume of The Ceiling Fan Light?

The air volume of the fan light depends on the motor size of the ceiling fan light, the angle of the blade frame, the angle of the blade and the working environment. First, let us understand the factors that affect air volume, the angle of the blade frame, and the angle of the blade.

2022 05-28
Handling method of ceiling fan wobbling

Your ceiling fan may sometimes have wobble problem when operate due to irregularity in blades or the blade holders.Also, improper assembly in the mounting system may cause some additional problem.also bearings crooked. The following procedure to remedy such problem is strongly recommended by us usfr

2022 04-06
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