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Buying a Large Size Ceiling Fan

Buying a Large Size Ceiling FanIn recent years, there has been a huge trend towards large-sized ceiling fans. These fans are now widely available on the market, and the average diameter of such fans is 60". The latest trend is to go for extra-large models with blade spans of 84 to 96 inches. These f

2022 11-17
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There is no wind after the fan is installed. What is the reason?

1. Whether the fan is reversed (from the side, the fan turns from right to left, and vice versa), the reverse wind is upward. If there is a positive and negative model, just flip the positive and negative switch to solve the problem; If this model does not reverse, it is the fan factory is connected

2022 11-02
22 Inch Modern Ceiling Fan With Remote Control

22 Inch Modern Ceiling Fan With Remote ControlA 22-inch modern ceiling fan with a remote control can provide your living room with a cool breeze. It features long-lasting LED bulbs that can be dimmed. The fan also features Lexan(tm) thermoplastic blades that operate reliably even in damp environment

2022 09-26
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